MINI SMILE - MS500/1000

Portable Power Station for Japan

MINI SMILE is a portable power station with soft appearance and flexible 500 / 1000Wh capacity. It can be used in seismic disaster prevention, emergency power supply, camping, vehicle power supply and other scenarios. It has multiple sockets, which can power up to 8 electrical appliances at the same time.

Multiple ways to charge the MINI SMILE:

AC socket, car charging and solar panels. Simply plug and play!


Capacity 500Wh 1000Wh

Battery Cell Lithium-ion Lithium-ion

Work Temperature -10 ~ 40℃ -10 ~ 40℃

Size (W x D x H) 300 x 190 x 227.5 mm 333 x 229 x 263 mm

Weight 6.2 kg 10.6 kg


AC x 2

USB x 3

DC x 2

Car port x 1

AC x 3

USB -C x 2、USB -A x 2

DC x 1

Car port x 1